Thursday, March 31, 2011

Laundry Pt. 2

   I am now going to show you my laundry room.  This is the ugliest place in my house!!  Some day maybe I'll make it cute but I'm not sure how.  It holds our laundry (duh), our freezer, the boys clothes, winter boots, shoes, snow pants, ironing basket, tool box, wash sink, litter box, cat food and his dish and seldom used cleaning supplies.  Here ya go...

Sorry the pictures are so dark, my light bulb burned out the other day so it's only being lit by the little basement window!  The shoe mess is not there when the winter stuff is put away.  The white bucket holds the basket for dirty rags and towels not for any good reason, just wanted to keep the bucket and I don't have any other place to put it!

Now for what I promised.  This is how we handle our boys clothes.

These drawers holds all 3 of our boys clothing for both seasons except church clothes and long sleeve shirts are in their closet.

This is how far it is from the drawers to the baskets for sorting.

Our laundry room is decent size simply because of some of the plumbing and piping that already existed before we redid our basement. I'm glad because it does allow this option for us.  If our room was smaller I still would try to find a similar solution unless our home held huge closets. We wanted the boys to have room to play in their room and with a big dresser and clothes it didn't allow that.  This has simplified many things.  If Carter works out or showers early in the morning he can get to his clothes without waking his brothers.  If we are getting ready to leave and need to have people change clothes they have several private places to go to do that.  AND you are in BIG trouble if your clothes are left on the floor because... come on!  You'd have to be kidding me!  I will say that does happen sometimes but because I am in the laundry room more often than their bedroom I generally catch it right away.  E is my guy who does this when trying to be faster than his big brothers.  Having a little house with many kids makes you really rethink how you use your space.  Sometimes I wonder why it wasn't this way in the first place!  Why haul clothes to your bedroom when they came from the laundry room and that's where they'll return!  I know this is similar to a family closet and I think that's a great idea too but we don't have quite enough room for that. 

 How can you rethink your space to work better for your family??

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