Friday, March 25, 2011

Science Experiments

   It seems we are always putting off our science experiments.  The kids love them... Mom feels they are "extra" therefore easy to skip!  Carter is still joining us with our Sonlight Science but he also just started Apologia's General Science on his own.  He's thrilled to have, so far, at least one experiment a week.  I'm thrilled he can do them with very little help! Here's a recap of the last few weeks science for both groups in pics...

making clouds

Carter learns baking soda and vinegar do more than clean!

Batteries and the difference a few volts makes.

   If you look around in the pictures you won't be able to tell by the people which experiment is just for Carter and which ones are for all because as soon as someone says "experiment" they all come flying in to watch.  Even Addison!  Every time I do these I remember how fun they are and that we should do them more often but they always sound like so much work!  Most of the time they are actually pretty easy and they really do remember so much when we do them.  

Note to self... do science more often!!!

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Valery said...

I had fun making my own fabric softener that is when I found out what baking soda and vinegar does together,, too fun!! we never did fun stuff like that when I went to school, of course that was before they made school fun! have a wonderful weekend Tami!

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