Friday, March 18, 2011

"Lazy" Day

  Today (Thursday) I felt like a totally lazy lady.  I was beating myself up when I thought about all I had done this day and realized maybe I wasn't so lazy.  Here is my lazy day...

- I woke at 6am to the blare of our smoke alarm.  Paul was making his breakfast and swears the pan wasn't even smoking but thanks to our over protective smoke alarms they went blaring.  I jumped up and took a good 30 seconds to figure out what the heck was beeping.  I was so confused!!  Since I didn't go to bed until well after 12 I decided to go back to sleep even though I was wide awake.

- I tossed and turned and answered some questions from my two older boys and had the craziest dreams from 6:30-9 and finally decided to get up.  When I did I realized I had quite a headache and felt exhausted.  I figured it would wear off as I got moving but it didn't.  Not sure if it's blood pressure or fighting some kind of yuck but it's made for a long day!

- I got up and went right in to get 1yo Addison who was singing in her crib!  I intentionally woke sleeping beauty (Miss Hannah) and changed little girl's diaper.  I then went into the kitchen and got Addie milk and held her while teaching Caleb how to make smoothies for everyone.

- They sat to eat while I turned on CNN Student News for the morning.  I puttered in the kitchen and thought about the day ahead while I listened and then we talked through the discussion questions.  That somehow led to the fire alarm this morning so we reviewed what to do in case of a fire and I was relieved to hear at least one boy woke to the alarm.  I've read that many kids sleep through them!  After that we pulled up some pics of the river in Chicago all dyed green.

- After breakfast I informed them we were going to get the house in order after a week of enjoying warm (40 degree) temps and being outside all the time.  I assigned some chores, taught some chores and DID some chores over the next hour or so.  I then learned the toothache of Carter's is probably a sinus infection as he bent over to clean the tub and hollered the whole side of his face hurt when he bent over.  I got him some medicine and checked his temp while yelling out "be careful" to Addison who is now enjoying our steps with no gate (yikes!).

- I then yielded several phone calls.  My aunt called to see if I wanted to play racquetball, a friend who had surgery was giving me an update, my friend/piano teacher called to inform me I needed to bring our keyboard because she left her cord at church and we talked about meals as I usually bring them dinner the night of piano but due to some health issues they are trying a new diet (we decided she'd provide the food in her kitchen and I can cook it for her when I come).

- Finally we sat down to read about St. Patrick but first I took two more phone calls, composed an email, talked to Paul at work and turned on "ah bear?" (Pooh Bear) for Addison.  Finally I read and we looked up why we wear green on St. Patricks Day (more an American thing by the way).  The kids got their own lunches while I assured Hannah at age 5 she could indeed spread her own peanut butter on her bread.  I changed a poopy diaper, made me and Addison some lunch, cleaned up Addison who found Hannah's peanut butter knife and open jar on the counter and helped herself, hung some laundry and started two dinners (I'm still bringing a dinner to piano tonight).

- I then pulled out Horton Hears a Who book and read to everyone in anticipation of a musical we'll be seeing this weekend.  I put Addison down for a nap and read another book by an author I'm hoping Carter can meet at an upcoming Writers Workshop.  Then I assigned reading to the 3 boys and Hannah looked through library books.  I chose to be selfish and get dressed! I asked comprehension questions to Elijah and helped him a bit on his words, combed my hair and made homemade taco sauce for tonight's dinners.

- THEN I brushed my teeth, tweezed my eyebrows (they were REALLY bad), helped Hannah find a billion different cute animal clips on You Tube, slapped on some make-up, remembered I hadn't drank anything yet today (not good, so probably is my blood pressure bothering me!) and beat myself up for being lazy.

- NOW I write this to convince myself I'm not that lazy (not sure it's working) while listening to Hannah tell me about a movie she's bringing to share with her friends.  The boys are cleaning their room (aka Disaster Area!), they've loaded the keyboard in the car, I'm off to finish browning the meat and then to wake sleeping Addison to head to piano.  As I write... it's 3:30pm and I still have half a day to go!!

So why do I feel so lazy?  I don't know!  None of our "official" school was done and there was no order or structure to the day at all!  I let the girls sleep way to late which means they won't want to go to sleep tonight, I didn't drink my water, I didn't exercise, I didn't read my Bible or pray (besides a few cries for help) and I still want to crawl back into bed!  It's just one of those days!

I know I will really miss these days when all my kiddos are big and grown.  Right now I'm trying to imagine what it would really be like to sit still and relax for a whole day... heck, a whole hour!  I can't even wrap my brain around that!  However,  there is no other job I'd rather be doing even if it is day after day and all 24 hours!  

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Holly said...

Yeah...I'm not sure there is such a thing as a "lazy" day when you are a mom. : ) Glad you had a less busy day!

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