Thursday, March 17, 2011


  Last but certainly not least!  Elijah's poem.


  Again, totally Elijah!!  He has been the Energizer Bunny since he was 1 and he tells me he Loves me a million times a day!  He loves to make up games and stories and in any weather it's possible he is Jumping on the trampoline (which is so appropriate because as a baby/toddler he LOVED Tigger!).  Of course, he's my guy, so he's Awesome and he really is a Happy person.  Elijah is also my hardest kid to parent.  He has very little self-control and I never know what's going to come out of this kids mouth.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and is hurt easily by other's words or actions.  He also is a great encourager of others and loves to provide comfort to anyone hurting.  Here's Eli the french fry in pictures...

He LOVES babies and frequently asks me when we'll have another.

He was our walking jack o' lantern for Halloween!

LOVES these brothers!!!

Best snuggler of all!

   One of my favorite funny stories about E is when he went to his buddy Caleb's house for one of his first overnights.  Caleb has a brother named Elijah and so when they headed to their house Caleb's mom asked if he had a nickname so they could know who she was calling.  Well, the kid goes by E or Eli or Elijah so any of those would do but instead, without missing a beat he says, "You can just call me Fred."  And they did!  And still do!  I have no idea where that ever came from.  That's Elijah for you.  As an onlooker he'll have you in stitches, as his mom... it may be more like tears depending on the day! 

 He's learning a lot and has such a loving heart. He really has been my easiest kid to teach how to read which surprised me since he is so wild.  He had to write a paper the other day about himself in a different time period. We could all barely breathe we laughed so hard from his story.  His brothers wanted to be alive during Viking times or fight in WWII but not Elijah.  He wanted to live in the Middle Ages and be a king with many  MANY servants and a pet dragon!

Lately he is just drinking in Scripture and his teachings from Sunday School.  I don't know what he will become yet.  He's not as clear cut as the other boys.  Maybe a missionary in the middle of the jungle or something crazy like that. Whatever he does he will do it well and be the funniest partner you've ever had!
  Oy I love this kid!

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Holly said...

What a great kid...a lot like Ben! They seriously need to get together. : )

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