Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Floor!!

    Today is the day!!  My old floor in the kitchen is getting replaced!  We had vinyl laid when we first moved in and the company that did it did a HORRIBLE job.  They didn't level our floor and it wore with this huge lump in it.  We called them back many times but they never officially replaced it.  So years back we just covered it with peel and stick type tiles.  I actually liked the look but over the years they have slowly separated and started lifting.  In the last year it's gotten worse and worse to the point I actually taped a corner down I kept tripping over!  Notice all the lovely dirt stuck in the cracks too?  Ewwww!

And the 1yo's favorite past time is peeling them up! One day she discovered she could and now anytime she trips over a corner it reminds her of it again! 

   I tried to convince dear husband we (meaning he- and a friend) could do it ourselves and save lots of $ but when we got the flooring for such a steal he decided we could pay to have it done and still be in the budget we were looking for.  I'm not really thrilled we need to have it done.  I kind of like my floor, if it would just stay where it's suppose to!  When we went in they asked what we were looking for and I told them our cabinets were black so probably something with grays or blacks mixed in but my #1 concern was that it hid dirt!  Yup that's all!  I just don't want to spend every spare moment scrubbing my floor! Now I'm kind of excited.  To walk on  my floor and not feel all the cracks and grooves!  To sweep and have it actually clean instead of all the dirt stuck in the cracks!!  I can't even imagine! And now I can use my handy dandy steam mop and it might work instead of just making steamed mud in all the cracks!  Woo hoo!

   I'm curious how many layers of flooring we have and what they find when they pull it all up.  In the summer when it's humid, no matter how well I clean, my house smells...old.  It just has a musty old house smell.  I thought it was old carpet on the steps but that is out and it still gets the smell.  I'm hoping it will look pretty and smell clean!  Wouldn't that be lovely!

  So here's my before.  

I'll post my "after" tomorrow.  Now I just hope it doesn't take all day because I won't have a kitchen to provide food for 5 kids for awhile!  5 kids get loud when they are hungry!

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