Friday, April 1, 2011


   This is an odd post because it's mostly just me complaining!  I had time to search the web today and checked out a lot of different sites and instead of encouraged I felt very annoyed.  It seemed every page claimed to have the answers to parenting, homeschooling or living.  They all wanted to share how they found the perfect way to do x.  It, of course they say, was all only because of the glory of God that they found it, but they all seemed to imply you'd be a fool for not following their way.  I felt very frustrated when I was done.

   I do have to question at times- who do we think we are?  Who are we to tell another person we have all the answers?  Doesn't it seem as Christians, because we know the ultimate truth in Jesus Christ, we sometimes take that to a new extreme?  If what we are doing works and is in line with God we somehow think we have found the answers.  I'm not sure where the line of encouragement and sharing crosses with the know it all attitude.  I pray you never feel that way when you read this blog.  I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!!  Let's be honest here, I don't have hardly any answers!  As someone shared with me before, I am just another hungry begger who happened to find THE source of daily bread.

    I understand we want to help people but doesn't it seem we are often caught up with teaching and condeming each other as Christians and totally missing the unsaved world right in front of us?  Maybe in our own home. I am part of a family history that has had great missionaries preaching to the unsaved while their own children choose not to walk with the Lord.

   When I was sick last year and overwhelmed with life the only thing that got me out of bed was the small whisper of God telling me all I had to do today was love.  That was all He was asking of me.  I didn't need to solve my illness, family stresses, homeschooling concerns or how on earth I was going to write thank you cards to all the people who helped (I never did by the way).  All He wanted me to do was love.  I truly believe that  if I worried less about  how to do things "just right" and focused more on showing love to all.... ahhh can you imagine?

   What would happen if we all did that in our own family?  What if we focused on showing  Chirst's love to our spouses and children first and most everyday?  What if instead of keeping a happy face for people at work/church but coming home and being crabby and moody... what if we started at home?    

Today seek Christ and love your family more than anything else. And if/when you look around at a child mistreating a sibling or a spouse doing something that drives you crazy, CHOOSE to react in LOVE.



Valery said...

Very well stated Tami! and yup LOVE WORKS, everytime!! Have a very blessed weekend!

Christina said...

Just read this today and what a blessing it was Tammy! So true! Love more.....comfort more.. rely on the Lord for everything.....and worry less!

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