Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nerf Cannon

  Ever wonder what two boys can come up with when given a challenge to beat their little brother at a Nerf battle?  Why a cannon of course!!

Our neighbor works on recreational vehicles and such and always has "stuff" laying around.  Thankfully he is awesome about helping out the boys (including his son) with their crazy ideas.  This "cannon" is a Nerf gun hooked onto a cart (with zip ties) used to move a trailer around.  They tied yarn to the trigger and Jarod's dad helped make metal stakes so they can stake it into the yard.  They can then go hide around a corner and pull the yarn and fire the "cannon" without ever being seen.  Some day I'll show you our lovely bunker dug into the side yard and their Nerf "tank" they are trying to build!  Little brother and neighbor kids are starting to think this battle is NOT going to be fair!  I'm not sure the battle will ever happen.  One thing I've learned as a mom of boys is they love to talk and plan and create but you don't really need to worry or even explain why their idea may not work or be logical because they usually lose interest well before damage can be done!  

Now as a disclaimer that is only true in "Phineas and Ferb" ideas like building a rocket ship or a roller coaster or... a Nerf tank etc.  If they tell you they are going to launch their brother off the end of the slide be VERY worried and pay close attention!!

Boys!!  Gotta love em!

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