Monday, April 18, 2011

So Funny!

   Ok, I am totally NOT making this up!

   Have you ever been in one of those situations where something happens and it is sooooo funny but ONLY because it was NOT your kid?  No harm came of it and it will be the greatest story ever when she's older but I don't want to be her tonight.  Who's "her"?  A darling little girl at our church (whom my 10yo has his first crush on btw).  She made a strange choice today.  For some reason, somewhere in her 10yo little mind she thought... well... I  don't know what she thought.  Perhaps she thought it would be a funny trick no one would ever know.  Maybe she thought she would show everyone after service and have a good laugh.  Whatever it was, wherever it came from I don't think it's ever been done before...  She decided to bring her two pet BIRDS to church with her... in her PURSE!!!  What she didn't think of was that her purse might be a little warm and the birdies may decide to hop out for a breath of fresh air and proceed to tweet and hop about under people's chairs while our associate pastor taught.  It was hilarious seeing people's faces.  We were sitting directly behind them and Hannah was the first to notice and whispered to me there was a live bird in church!  I thought one may have flown in but when I looked down I saw a pretty bird like this

   The mom was trying to not freak out and blow a gasket while the daughter tried to quietly follow the bird.  After an amazingly small commotion the bird was caught and at that moment the pastor caught on to what was going on and commented, "Now that is not something you see often!" and just kept right on going with his talk!!  It was so funny.  Luckily for the little girl the mom had a whole sermon to calm down and she started to see the humor in it by the end of service.  I never did get a chance to ask the little girl why she brought them.  I'm not sure there would be a logical explanation to that one!!

Again I will say this was only funny because it was not my child... at least not this time!

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Valery said...

Thanks for the grin this morning Tami! A story someone will probably never live down for her entire life! Have a great week!

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