Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dirt Stinks!

  So as I mentioned I'm spring cleaning here and I don't have a lot of time but I would like to say... dirt stinks!!  I'm REALLY cleaning right now.  I'm wiping down walls, washing curtains, waxing our hardwood floors, sweeping ceilings and cleaning ceiling fans.  If Paul is home he's keeping up with the little one but if not the older kids are playing with her someplace I'm not.  As they come to the room I'm cleaning to check in they all say how good it smells.  I'm only using vinegar and water but they're right.  It smells so clean!

   If it makes you feel any better about cleaning I will say I can't remember the last time I cleaned this well.  It may have been during our remodel which was now 5 years ago!  My walls and baseboards were really dusty!  My biggest problem now is that the rooms that are done look and smell so good I don't want to keep on track of doing one room a day.  I want to tackle it all... NOW!  That's my normal way to go about things.  So far I'm holding myself back but if I'm not exhausted tonight I may add another room to today instead of vegging out in front of the TV.  My most dreaded rooms... the kitchen and the boys bedroom.  The kitchen just seems so big to tackle although I don't need to scrub the floor since it's brand new, that's a bonus!  The boys room, well, it's a boys room and it smells like boys.  Does anyone know how to end that without selling the boys??  I'm not big into those perfumey (yes I made up that word) plug in things cuz they bother my nose but having a basement bedroom with three boys in it... phew!

   Well, off to finish my front room.  I figured while the wax dried I type this.  Now it's back to work!  Have a good day ;0)


Holly said...

Wow, Tami, I am IMPRESSED! And thank you for inspiring me, although I'm not sure I can do all that anytime soon!

Valery said...

Tami, Enjoy the smell of "boys" someday your room will be normal smelling agin and you'll wish it smelled like "boys". from someone who misses her "boy" smell.


Christina said...

Wow! I need another cup of coffee after reading all that! ;)

Tami said...

Val that's a good reminder... but they still stink! Ha!!

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