Wednesday, April 27, 2011


    One thing my oldest son and I have in common is writing.  We both have a lot of thoughts swirling around in our minds and like to put things on paper.  I like to write about real life and issues, Carter loves to make up imaginary worlds and adventures.  Over the past year or two he and his buddy have been working on a story.  They pass it back and forth every few weeks or months and take turns writing.  They are around 150-200 pages in and it's really pretty good!  So, I am really excited that tomorrow he and I will be heading out for a middle school writing conference at a local college.  We get to meet author Pam Munoz Ryan and hear her speak along with taking part in two workshops.  I've heard it's a great experience and I'm hoping we'll agree.  It will only be the two of us all morning and afternoon (well, the two of us and hundreds of other middle schoolers) so I'll get to enjoy it without 1yo drool and toys!!  Strange how that sounds welcoming and boring all at the same time!

   I found out about this conference from a friend.  I do find it slightly frustrating that there are great things going on around us and I often totally miss out just because I don't know about it.  I'm not sure how to solve that besides just plugging in when we find out and meet more people to share more ideas with us.  You can say a little prayer for us as we will be walking around a college campus and it's suppose to rain all day!!

Looking forward to a day outside our "norm".  What fun things are you doing for school?? 


Valery said...

Tami, I would love to keep you two lifted in prayer today, enjoy your day with your son :-)

Lisa said...

Loved today, didn't you? Asher surprised the heck out of me and talked about the different workshops - he's usually mum about those things.

Tami said...

Thanks Val! It went well...wet but good!

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