Friday, April 15, 2011

The Best Memories

  One of my favorite parts of having kids are the adorable things they say or do. I've shared some before and how we save those memories here.  Well, they keep coming and leave us on the floor laughing... well later they do.  At the moment I just grin because I don't want to embarrass them but they are SO cute.

  Hannah has been watching her cousin play hockey this winter and as the Zamboni comes out she yells, "Mama! Look!  The BAMzoni!."  Elijah (7) still uses his shirt like a portable napkin and when he was told to change the other day we all got a good laugh remembering the summer he was 5.  He wanted to go to the video store with Daddy but his shirt was filthy and he was told to change.  He went quickly and joyfully off and was back grinning in record time.  I thought it was odd he was so fast but didn't think much of it.  He and Daddy turned to leave and that's when it all clicked... he had simply turned his shirt around!!  From the front he was good as new, from the back a filthy mess!  Soooo funny!

  Our latest thing is too new to laugh for Caleb but in a few years he will see the humor.  He and Carter took Addison for a walk to our corner store to pick up some chips to go with dinner.  Daddy told them what kind to pick up and Carter wasn't sure he remembered so Caleb feeling big and grown up stepped up to the plate and went into the small convenience shop to buy the chips.  He looked everywhere and couldn't find the bigger bags and being 10yo he either didn't think of or want to ask anyone for help so he thought he'd just make do with what he could find- just like Mom and Dad do at times.  This is what he came home with...

Two snack bags to feed our family of 7!

   We all laughed and he got so embarrassed but it was so cute.  He was trying to do his best to provide for the family. When we pointed out that wasn't much for our size family he said, "Well... maybe I should have gotten one more."  LOL!!  Poor kid, when he's older he'll never live this one down. 

 I love days like this and find it immediately puts me in a praise and thanksgiving mode.  As our whole family giggles together I feel more blessed than a millionaire.

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Holly said...

Good job, Caleb! : ) Family is such a wonderful gift, isn't it?

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