Monday, August 1, 2011


   So here's a few thoughts I have on toddlers... more like questions with no answers!  After five children I still adore toddlers!!  I just love the things that come out of their mouth, their expressions, watching them learn and relate to siblings and the world.  However, I still have some serious questions about these little people!

How can someone be so cranky one moment and then delight us all with peels of giggles and laughter the next??

How can someone so cute make you so angry/frustrated??

How come they only pick up on your bad qualities to repeat??

Who knew that a two year old going potty could make you so happy and proud!!!

Who knew a two year old and potty could make you so frustrated??

How do they go from sound asleep to bounding around like Tigger in less than 5 seconds flat??

How do they always find the littlest Lego or rock to put in their mouth?

WHY do they put the Lego or rock in their mouth when in the other hand they have a cracker??

How on earth do they make such a big mess so quickly?

How do those little feet go so fast?

How do those band-aids make owies feel better so fast??

How do they survive when they eat only a tablespoon of food at each meal??

The question we all have... where on earth do they get all that energy??

And how can one person be so darn cute???

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