Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Idea!!

   I had to share with you all this great idea Carter had today.  We were trying to find a compromise on something quiet in your hands to do during read aloud time.  Today each child went down to our legos with a bowl from the kitchen (just a deep soup bowl) and filled in up with a mix of Legos.  When they came up for reading I got to decide what they had to make and they had to create it from only the Legos in their bowl.  It was great!  Not too loud because only a few Legos, something for them to do but they still were really listening.  In the end I had to judge the best and they were so creative and good we had to save them for Dad to decide!!

  I told them to build anything God created in the first 7 days of creation.  So no cars, ships, buildings etc.  I got a lobster, dinosaur, birds, a beautiful field, a guy resting under a tree by the lake (7th day of rest you know!) and an awesome fish complete with a moving jaw!  The lobster had moving claws too!  Oh and 5yo Hannah made a bird house, a washing machine and a horse trophy!  LOL!!  She kind of missed the challenge but it kept her quiet and entertained!!

 Here's the final three for judging...

Which would you choose??

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