Monday, August 22, 2011


  OK, so I should have posted this at the BEGINNING of summer!  An online friend told me about this great summer program called Kids Bowl Free and it allows... well, your kids to bowl free over the summer!  You still have to pay for shoe rental (at least at our alley) but two games of bowling for four kids for $8 we can handle now and then.  I never told the kids we signed up because I didn't want to be hounded everyday and I kind of just put it off until last week when a friend asked if we'd like to join them!  We had a ball!  My older boys have bowled but they couldn't remember the last time.  Elijah bowled as a toddler but doesn't remember at all and Hannah looked at us a little confused when we said, "Lets go bowling!".  Paul stayed back with Miss Addison and off we went.  The two older boys thought they were awesome because they both opened with strikes...but that was very short lived beginners luck!

Hannah was funny, she'd just roll it and walk back!  Never really watched the ball, just did her job and then sat down.  Still not really sure what she thought of it all!

Elijah LOVED it and he and his buddy Sam had some pretty high scores!  Even beat their big brothers!  Course they had bumpers and big brothers didn't but...

Look at that form!  

It was a fun day.  Lots of cheering.  Lots of, "Oh man!!!" and  "So close!"  Several splits picked up by the 7 & 8 year olds which was hilarious! And I even filled them in that back in the "olden days" we actually had to keep our own score!  Gasp!!

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