Monday, August 29, 2011

Inspiration for Today

"Walking with God without the moment-by-moment awareness of our companionship with a divine being becomes just a hard, taxing obligation.

 When we learn to look and listen and ponder, our everyday moments can be transformed by the knowledge of a God whose companionship brings joy, "wind to our wings," and the possibility of a miraculous touch at any moment. 

And when we convey this vision of God's powerful presence to our children, we give them the gift of joy in each moment and the knowledge that even in the tedium of commonplace chores the Lord is looking out for us, ready to give his help and strength and presence.

As we inspire our children to look for God's glory and purposes in their lives, we help them learn to expect the supernatural grace that is always available to us."

Sally Clarkson's The Ministry of Motherhood          

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