Wednesday, August 17, 2011


   This is a quick thrown in post!  I was contemplating getting my hair chopped with my girlfriends and since some are far away and I'm not on Facebook I'm using my blog to post quick pics!  I got it cut last night and so far I'm really happy I did it!

So here's how my hair looked before (kind of bad light for the pic but you get the idea)

In reality this is what it looked like on a daily basis!!

This is what we were going for....

And this is what I got! (It's still a bit damp here but again, you get the idea.)

I'll wash it later today and see how it looks straight and then tomorrow I'm going to do nothing and see what I get.  Like I said so far I like it!  I'm not sure you can tell in the pic with it wavy but it's REALLY layered!  I CAN (just barely) get a little nub of a pony tail to workout so I'm good!  I just wanted a change.  I thought of going even shorter but I'm glad I didn't.  Girls!  We're such silly things about our hair sometimes!  Guys just don't understand the work that goes into it though!  I swear at least for my husband it could be all snaggly and snarrly and disgusting with split ends but as long as it's long he'd be happy!  His opinion on this one... "well, I don't hate it".  Ahhh, I feel so loved!  LOL!!


HillaryM said...

Looks good! You are braver than me. I haven't had a real hair cut/style in >15 years.

Steve and Jo said...

The last time I got my hair chopped everyone but my hubby loved it..his response was very similar to your hubby.

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