Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Few Details

  So yesterday I just posted our routine basically.  Here I'll share some details.  I love hearing about other peoples routines/schedules, they always inspire me to try something different.  Hope ours inspires you!

  The boys "wake cycle" is working really well for us.  Like I said they have a strange fascination with early morning so they think they are getting away with something getting up so early instead of feeling like it stinks!  Weird kids!  This is how it works...
6:00 Carter up and shower.  Start working on independent work (Science, Bible, Math, Greek, Typing).  Wake Caleb at 7.
7:00 Caleb up and shower.  Start working on independent work (Math, Bible, Typing). Wake Elijah at 7:30
7:30 E up and dressed (he showers in the evening) and ready for the day.  Start on independent work (Bible and Math)
8:30 Make beds and straighten room.  Free until 9.

  If I'm up early with Paul I will make a breakfast they can grab whenever they want (I'll usually make oatmeal or eggs or something and then pop them in the crock-pot to keep warm).  If I'm not up they fend for themselves.  The only big "rule" is they have to eat by 8:30.  The girls get up between 8 and 8:30.  I get them fed and ready for the day so they are set to roll by 9:15.

9:00 Table Chores- this is just the counters, table, floors etc.  We figured out that eating at different times can work as long as it does have an end point where everyone helps clean up together.
9:15 We read Bible together using this schedule.  Then we watch CNN Student News and do our Memory Work.  Memory Work for us is Bible, personal info (insurance, Dr., medicinal allergies, address, phone number etc.) along with the timeline and info from Classical Conversations Foundations book.  The girls join us for this and  play quietly if they get antsy.  Addison is hilarious because she'll do the timeline with us with all the motions!
10:00 Our Writing Hour is when they journal, do handwriting and any writing assignments.  Caleb is using Sonlights Language Arts D this year. Carter is using several resources: Sonlight analogiesDown Write Funny,  Word Play Cafe and assignments from Classical Conversations Words Aptly Spoken Literature and Short Stories.  Elijah is doing a simple workbook along with journal and handwriting which is plenty for him. For the girls we start with a short "circle time" where we sing songs and read stories (maybe 10-15 minutes).  They are loving it and so am I!  Hannah then works on printing her letters and Addie is given the greatest pleasure for a 2yo... a big white board with free reign to markers AND an eraser!  Keeps her happy for a good 30 minutes at least!!
10:30 We break up writing hour here and the girls watch Leap Frog DVDs and I work with the boys on Spelling which is one place we have really failed at and they need desperate help!!  I like this program and it seems to be sinking in for them.  They started it the end of our last school year so we are just picking up where we left off.
11:00 We do Family Learning and have a different focus each day of the week
M- Poetry and Hero/Character study
T- Science/Nature
W- Geography Co-op
T- US History/Government
F- Art/Music

and then a fun group activity that goes along with that like science experiments, nature walks, art, Brain Quest cards for that subject etc.

When we're done with all of that they have a break until 1:30.  During break they do need to have lunch and do their Afternoon Chores but other than that they are free birds!  I do make them go outside if it's nice.

  At 1:30 they have what we are calling "Finishing Hour".  They need to finish anything they didn't get done earlier in the day including piano practice and typing for Elijah.  Sometimes they don't even need this time but it's planned just in case. At 2:00 Addison goes down for her nap and I work with Hannah on her reading and then read her a story.

2:30-3:30 Is Quiet Hour.  You have to read your assigned reading for the day and then you can read your choice of book or rest.  Mommy has been napping for 30 minutes!!

That's it... the end!  After Quiet Hour we just go about our day as normal with dinner, outside with friends and bedtime.

  Just to clarify this is our "long day".  We have a "short day" when Daddy is home.  The "long days" are 2-4 days a week depending on Paul's schedule.

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