Friday, August 19, 2011

Backyard Blues

   So while I do love our big yard and wonderful neighbors.... I wonder sometimes what they REALLY think of our backyard!  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  You see, we have a big yard for a small suburban house.  I think it's a bit more than a 1/4 acre... or is it a 1/2???  I don't know.  Anyways, we pay for a service for the front lawn to keep the weeds at bay and make it pretty but not for the backyard.  It's too big, too expensive and I really have no desire for my kids to play barefoot in all sorts of chemicals.  Our yard looks fun, often messy, but never pretty :0(  And although I will say with a smile, "We are in the business of growing up healthy godly children, not weed free lawns... please excuse the mess."  It still bugs me.  My parents are yard people with pretty grass and flowers and of course had only three children all of whom went to school during the day!  They had more time.  And they love it. Me? Not so much!

So, here's the fun part...

Fun right?  How can you NOT find SOMETHING to do back here!!?? The camo tarp is covering a sandbox.  There's more behind the garage with a garden... well err... a weed garden this year!  So I'll spare you the pictures of that area!

What's that you ask??  Is that a bunker in my yard?  Why yes there IS indeed a bunker in my yard! Don't you know every yard needs a WWII style bunker for Nerf wars in their yard??

Here's the yucky part.

The bonus is it doesn't look too bad when it's mowed... from a distance! LOL!  

     Yes, not being able to fix up a lawn does allow you some freedom for bunkers and toys galore, but that's only a selling point to young children!  Someday when the kids are grown maybe.  But it makes me a little sad because I'd love it to be pretty for them too.  Maybe someday we'll win some big backyard makeover!!  Wouldn't that be cool??  With a big deck, a fence and a beautiful in-ground pool?  Hey!  If you're gonna dream...dream big right!

There's no point to this post... just singing my backyard blues!

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