Thursday, August 4, 2011


   It amazes me what 5 year old girls notice and think about.  The other day was a painful day for me!!  We were watching TV as a family and there was a commercial on for wrinkle cream.  Hannah says,

"You want to look younger not older."

I decided to go there... "Really?  YOU want to look younger?"

"No!" she says.  "YOU want to look younger!"

 "I do?" "Why?"  She moves a little closer and points under my eyes.

"Well, your eyes are a little puffy here, and when you smile you have lines right here" pointing to where crows feet are....WHICH I don't have YET except when I smile thank you very much!!!

Wow!  That hurt.  I thought little girls were suppose to think their mama was beautiful??  Mine apparently is just aware of my beginning wrinkles!

Thanks Hannie!

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