Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potty Training Final Update

  Thought I'd give our final check-in  here!  As I'm writing (this is posted a bit later) we are ending week 3 I believe... I've lost track!  She is doing great!  Still having maybe one accident a day but in general making it to the potty.  She's mastered the poopy thing the last week and is staying dry even when at church or softball for the boys.

  The one day to train didn't work out that way for us but it did make me very focused on her for awhile which I'm sure shortened the process for us.  I think in the past it probably was a little longer process but honest... not a lot.  I guess at least in this family it's a main focus for about a month.  And when I say main focus I mean MAIN focus.  Even the kids were aware that all the attention was on Addie and the potty for a few weeks.  Elijah would even say, "Can we go ___ or do we still need to stay close for Addie?"  I'm assuming come September this will be a distant memory for us.  She was definitely ready and her first words every morning now are, "I unders??". She wants out of that wet diaper.

  It's a little bittersweet... not that I like potty training, but to potty train my last...  It will be a different world for us.  We've been doing diapers now for 13 years!  We only had a total of maybe 6 months in the past 13 years of nobody in diapers or pull-ups at least for bedtime!  A new season of life... bittersweet.

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Steve and Jo said...

My last is taking forever to train but I have been a bit sidetracked in the evenings with my handful...intense attention will commence after the show we are in is over. I am so tired of diapers and laundry. But, it will be bittersweet too.

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