Friday, October 28, 2011

Sandbox Fun

   Last year we discovered our little Addie did NOT like sand when we visited Lake Michigan in the late summer.  Thinking that was long ago when she was 1 I had the grand idea to get new sand in our sandbox for her on her 2nd birthday this spring.  Kind of kill two birds with one stone, we need more sand and she could care less at the age of 2 what she gets!  It was great, the relatives had cheap and easy options for presents (sand toys) and it was going to be great!  Or not.  She STILL hated the sand!  She wouldn't touch it!  So all summer it sat untouched.  What a bummer.  Then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago she out of the blue ASKED to play in the sand and... the rest is history!  We've had some pretty muddy water after baths some nights but I'm so glad she's playing in it I don't even care!

Sister fun! 

Hannah was burying her feet. (Confusing angle I can't figure out how to flip it for you!) 

 Here I was trying to show how dirty she was, not sure where all the silly faces and poses came from but it was cute :0)  
 Love this pose!  She was so funny... and filthy!

Dirty ladies headed straight for the tub.  Too bad she didn't figure out this love when it was still warm enough to rinse off in the hose or kiddie pool first!

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