Monday, October 10, 2011


  Twenty two years ago today Paul and I sat with our entire sophomore class in our high school gym taking state standardized tests all day.  It was so fun I still remember it to this day!  NOT!  I remember it because on 10/10/89 at 10:00 while we were suppose to be concentrating hard on testing I had Paul's class ring quietly passed to me by many classmates while they all smirked. We sat alphabetically and since we were H and R we were quite a ways apart. They all knew we'd been "seeing" each other for awhile and leave it to my man of few words and much confidence to just pass his ring and assume I'd take it...I did!  Afterwards we laughed and talked and realized it was 10/10!  Cool!  Little did we know we'd still be remembering that 22 years and 5 kids later!  I was 14 and he was 15!  Yikes!  How crazy is that!!  We actually had a bet going we wouldn't last for longer than 2 weeks!  At the time we both liked "the chase" but never really enjoyed settling down with one person as an official "couple".

  Obviously we lost the bet and 10 became our lucky number and we were married on July 10th many years later.  Now we seem to be just living life each year and all of a sudden we'll notice that date sneaking up on us and we will immediately just smile.  It's such a fun memory for us.  I never believed the "old" people in my life when they'd say, "It feels like it was only yesterday" but truly I can be back in that gym in a flash and remember it all... like it was yesterday!  In fact sometimes I remember it better than the REAL yesterday! LOL!!

 This year we decided we should go down and see our favorite NFL team play the Monday night game in Detroit!!  Then we saw tickets were $200 a seat and we decided to go see a movie and be home in time to watch the game at home!!  We're going to head out to see Courageous and I'm so excited!  I've heard it's great and we own and love all of the movies by Sherwood especially Facing the Giants. I'll give you my review later in the week.

  Maybe I'll go grab his class ring from the drawer before we go and wrap it in angora yarn!  Do you remember that??  Ahh, the strange things we did!  I wore that gigantic fuzzy ring on my finger while the cuffs of my jeans were wrapped nice and tight around my ankles and my bangs hair-sprayed high!  Paul had the classic 80's mullet with the top of his head spiked and the back a little long and Guess or Girbaud jeans (a must at our school).  Imagine we loved each other even like that!  Now that's true love!

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