Thursday, October 6, 2011

Funny Lines of the Day

   I love recording some of the funny things the kids say on here. When I look back it cracks  me up.  Here's a few out of the mouths of my babes lately...

Addison-  She LOVES our new dog but pronounces dog with a long o, so it's dOggie. She goes up to her and smooshes her with love saying, "I love you dOggie!  You a good dOggie."

If she wants something and isn't getting it she says she's a baby, if we call her a baby she'll say, "NO! I Addie!"

Caleb will chase her and say, "I'm gonna get you!"  If she picks on him and he doesn't decide to chase her she'll ask, "You wanna get me??"

For days I thought she was asking for a Pull-up to wear but she wanted "pretty lips" which is her princess chapstick ;0)

Hannah-  Today while Paul and I were snuggling on a chair with me in his lap she runs up and jumps on top of us and says, "OH!  Love pile!"  She's such a girl!

Caleb- While out in the yard the other day with Nugget Caleb looks at me and says, "Mom, this is the most secure I've ever felt with a dog."  Almost made me cry!

Carter- He came up today claiming he made a new Bill of Rights for our home that said, "We the children of the Rodriguez home declare we shall have Mc Donald's for lunch and a free video game day!"  It was all signed by each of them.  We told him that sounded more like a page of demands than a Bill of Rights!

Elijah- "I like having school!  I was kind of bored all summer just playing all the time."  Now that's one to record to show him later!!

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