Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Volunteering Complete!

    So with the school year over we are done volunteering at the library! Well for this school year at least. Woo hoo!  We learned a lot this year.  We learned helping others isn't always fun but you feel great when you are done.  We learned elementary age kids check out a TON of books especially on animals.  Because of that we can all tell you (especially Carter) that those books would be found in the 599 section of your library!!  We learned a lot about organizing, order, the importance of decimal points and focusing on a task that is sometimes mentally tiring.  Depending on school budget cuts and all those good things to be decided we are waiting to here if "Ms. Dawn" will be there next year.  If she is, so will we.  It was a great way to help others and being the book worm I am, I always left with a new list of books to find at our town's library!

  Here's a "celebration" pic of being done!  I do have to say I was a bad friend and didn't tell her I wanted a pic and we met up on her day off so she came with no make-up and comfy clothes.  She said it was totally unfair of me.  I totally agree and will only show you... my closest 1000+ friends!  Ha!  Sorry Dawn, next time I'll warn you and maybe have a better camera!  For those of you who know Dawn and haven't seen Carter in awhile you can see how much he has grown this year!

Thanks for letting us help Ms. Dawn and West Elementary!  

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