Friday, June 10, 2011

My Bookends

    My first and my last... my bookends.  Carter 13 and Addison just turning 2.  Sometimes I just sit back and think about the two of them.  They are surprisingly similar and fill me with such joy.  In Carter I see my oldest child and all the new things he's doing.  I look up at him and smile and remember him looking up at me with Buzz Lightyear wings on telling me, "Mama, don't talk to me like that! I a space ranger!!!"  I look down at Addison and think how quickly she will grow.  How much I need to stay in this moment and hold on.  She looks up and reminds me she has no desire to stay in this moment!  She is up and onward.  Wanting to grow and be big and do new things.  I wish I could freeze them both in time... sometimes.

  My first and my last are so far apart yet they have so much in common.  Both of their names were from TV characters we liked (not the character but the name!).  We found out we were pregnant with Carter on Memorial Day weekend.  Addison was born Memorial Day weekend.  They are our only two who LOVE/loved Winnie the Pooh.  In fact I got the CD from the library for Addison of Pooh music and Carter is the one who grabbed it!  He listens to it all the time! LOL!  The other thing they have in common is being in a trying stage for their parents at the same time!  Let me remind you, Addison is TWO and Carter is THIRTEEN.  Enough said.  Funny the other similar thing is even though they are so far apart they seem to need the same thing from us as parents... to know we mean what we say.  We've always said a 1-3 year olds job is to test us and make sure we really meant what we said.  Apparently that is a thirteen year olds job as well!  It can get quite tiring at times but then I see this...

    I hear Addison call, "Car Car" and I hear, "Over hear Addie!!" and she hops up and snuggles or sits and has a conversation with her biggest brother and my heart again fills and I find renewed energy to keep going... and to keep meaning what I say and assuring them that yes I am sure that's what I meant!!

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