Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Volunteering

   So if you know me you know I don't sit still for long.  Since we are done at the school library we figured we'd be so bored without more to do!!  Not really.  What really happened is we are blessed with an co-op organic farm literally 3 blocks from our house.  It is not cheap.   But, we had a friend ask us if we wanted to "share a share" and we were all on that.  Half the price, half the veggies (which are sometimes in overwhelming amounts) and best of all (this is me speaking positively now) it is a "working share" which means we get to help out on the farm to cut our prices.

    We are learning about all sorts of veggies we have never heard of.  My 7yo loves kholrabi and eats it raw cut up like little french fries.  He actually calls it french fries!  We had our first taste of scapes and bok choy which I've always wanted to try but didn't know what to do with.  We have had some fantastic salads and yummy stir fries.  We'll start our farm work in the next week or two.  Wish us luck!  I wonder if I should have told them I have a black thumb?  Hopefully they can help me turn it green!

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Holly said...

I hate to say I am jealous! I would so love to share something like that with someone! Maybe next year I'll find someone too... but I AM really happy for you! : )

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